The Scottish Airshow Prestwick 5th & 6th September 2015

A second occasion that this show has been put on, the idea of one day flying and another for static is unusual but seems to work. Saturday September 5th saw me on the Prestwick Bank catching the departures and arrivals in superb weather for the air display held over nearby Ayr Sea front. Stars of the event were the Swedish Historic flight who brought 4 of their fast jets. In addition the appearance of the No 41 (TES) Sqn  100th Anniversary Typhoon just 3 days out the paint shop was a bonus. On Saturday as Vulcan XH558 was downwind to land off its display the pilot reported an issue with its nose leg which was confirmed by a Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Spitfire pilot, after 30 minutes or so of investigation by the Vulcan crew it was able to rectify its problem and land safely, all involved are to be congratulated on their professionalism. Therefore after an excellent Saturday I was very disappointed with what was on offer as part of the Static display, expensive car parking and entry prices and aircraft surround by very close hard barriers made for very few photographic opportunities, this obviously proved frustrating to many enthusiasts (me included) who left quite early. Anyway I hope you enjoy the following selection of images.

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