RIAT 2015

My annual trip to RAF Fairford took place in mid July this year. What an excellent show it was this year, easily the stars were the two Kawasaki P.1s of the Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force, not only was this the first visit of this aircraft type to any overseas airshow but the first visit of this air arm to UK shores in over 70 years. Quite a scoop for RIAT. Other static hilights for me were the three Tornados specially decalled with TTTE 35th Anniversary tails, complimented by a very rare public formation of the three European operators who made up TTTE, UK, Germany and Italy. Other flying hilights were the last appearance of Vulcan XH558, superb flying by the Finnish F-18, Airbus A-400 and the RAF BoBMF/Typhoon formation. I hope you enjoy this selection from the nearly 3000 digital images I shot at the show.

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