RAF Kinloss Nimrod Retirements (April 2021 Update)

7 Responses to “RAF Kinloss Nimrod Retirements (April 2021 Update)”

  1. Alex Simpson Says:

    Ahh, no longer will golfers have an excuse that their round was ruined by a Nimrod doing a low circuit right over the top of where they were playing!

  2. Hi Jim, do you remember me, Lee Smith, fellow crew chief on B shift, Kinloss. Get in touch if you feel like swinging the lamp.

  3. Jim,

    We have XV235 (forward section) on display at the Avro Heritage Museum, Woodford. Would it be possible to use some of your images on our website http://avroheritagemuseum.co.uk/ with you credited as the Copyright holder and on-board the aircraft when we are showing people the inside?

    Ian Lomax
    AVRO Heritage Museum

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