** NORTHERN NEWS (April 2021 Update)

This page shows my latest images, both Civil & Military

On Feb 4th 2020 the first RAF Poseidon MRA.1 ZP801-01 “Pride of Moray” was delivered from NAS Jacksonville to Kinloss Barracks. This marked the return of  maritime operations for the RAF after a 10 year gap. The second Poseidon (ZP802) arrived on March 13th and is called “City of Elgin”,  ZP803 named “Terence Bulloch DSO* DFC* was delivered to Lossiemouth on Oct 14th 2020, ZP804 named ” Spirit of Reykjavik” was delivered on Nov 3rd 2020 and ZP805 named “Fulmar” was delivered on Feb 2nd 2021. Typhoon ZJ914 received full 9 Sqn markings and codes, the code “WS-T” remembers Lancaster B.1 LM448. Meteor T.7(Mod) WA638 owned by Martin Baker was detached to Lossiemouth in April 2021 to conduct ejection seat tests over the Cape Wrath ranges.

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