This page shows my latest images, both Civil & Military

The Patrouille De France staged through Lossiemouth over the weekend of March 18th en route to a two month tour of the USA. Support was provided by a Falcon 50MI & A-400M

XV(R) Sqn carried out a final Operational Mission with their Tornado GR.4s on March 17th prior to disbanding on March 31st 2017

Morayvia continue to go from strength to strength with the soon to be opened centre at Kinloss and also gaining the only Sea King HAR.3 to be allocated to a museum in July.

ZA461 the XV(R)Sqn 100th anniversary painted jet was delivered to RAF Leeming in early September 2015 for storage

No 6 Sqn painted up ZJ919 in August 2017 to remember a specific person in the form of “Sir Roderic”

No 820 NAS were detached in support of HMS Queen Elizabeth and several detachments of P-8As have taken place

In November 2017 the Swiss AF came on detachment with 9 F-18s. A very rare helicopter arrived in the Keith area in January 2018 when S64F N158AC was contratcted to lift and install power pylons.

May 2018 saw an influx of Australian military aircraft when two MH-60R helicopters arrived to be transported home by C-17


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