MORAYVIA (June 2019 Update)

Morayvia formed in May 2011 to take forward work started by the Nimrod Heritage Group, to preserve the last remaining Nimrod at RAF Kinloss – XV244.

Morayvia has now established a centre at Kinloss to preserve and record Moray’s aviation heritage, to serve as project headquarters, and to provide a tourist and leisure facility in the near term.

New to Morayvia for 2013 is the acquisition of a Vampire T.11 Cockpit, and in June 2015 Canberra TT.18 WJ721 arrived. Dragonfly HR.3 WP495 arrived from Cosford in late July 2017 and will be restored to RN markings.

In early 2015 Morayvia launched a campaign to “Save a Sea King for Moray” in July 2015 this campaign was successful when Sea King HAR.3 XZ592 was allocated to Morayvia, this aircraft is now on full display. Additions in 2017 have been Wessex HC.2 XR528 which will go on display in 2018 and Whirlwind HAR 10 XJ723 which is a long term restoration project. In early 2018 Morayvia received four exhibits from Inverness namely  Valiant, Buccaneer, Lightning and Jet Provost cockpits. All will be restored over the next 2 years. A Falklands War veteran, Wessex HU.5 XT466 arrived on May 4th 2018, this helicopter had been in external storage and will also be restored.

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