Joint Warrior 18-1 RAF Lossiemouth April/May 2018

The only planned Joint Warrior exercise in 2018 was attended by the usual MPA aircraft plus additional MH-60s from the USN. Support was provided by C-160 and A400s  from Germany together with C-130 & C40 of the USN, and C-130Js from both Canada and Norway


C-130J 5699 335 SKv

C-130T 164993-BD VR64

C-160D 50+72 LTG-63

CC-130J 130617 436 SQN

CN-235M-200 123 62-IM ET01-062

CP-140 140118 RCAF

EMB121AA XINGU 092-YL EAT 00-319

MH-60S 166349-AM-06 HSC-22

MH-60S 166349-AM-06 HSC-22

MPA Line

P3 (x2) & CP-140

P-3C (16)3299 333 SKv

P-8A (x2) VP-26

P-8A 168430-LK VP-26

P-8A 168848-LK VP26


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