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 Welcome to my Aviation Images Blog and my site which has arisen from a passion for aircraft and photography stemming from 30 years service in the RAF. I use Canon equipment, currently an EOS-1D Mk IV backed up with an EOS-7D and utilising Canon EF L Series lenses. Some may be surprised to learn that I also still shoot slide Film using my trusty Canon EOS 650 – some habits just don’t die. In this blog you will see many of my images from the north of Scotland and various road trips that I undertake around the UK in pursuit of my hobby;

I continue to be a staunch supporter of the Royal Air Force Charitable Trust and have been a RIAT volunteer for over 30 years, which satisfies my desire to work around aircraft with aviation minded professionals whilst allowing me to be in some privileged positions for photography.  Please leave any comments as you feel fit and I sincerely hope that you enjoy my work.”

I have a second website where you can view my non aviation related images http://3adimages.wordpress.com/about/

Just click on the Image for a larger size version

My Images at Airplane-Pictures .Net                                      http://www.airplane-pictures.net/admin/my-photos.php

All images are my own work unless otherwise stated and I reserve the right to  retain the copyright , I ask that you please respect my copyright should you feel you need to copy any images. If you would like any copies of any images at a higher resolution  please send me an E Mail stating details and I will oblige. Jim Simpson

16 Responses to “* Welcome”

  1. test comment

  2. some outstanding images here mate!
    saved your site to favs

    “down under”

  3. Very tidy James, always good to see what I’m missing whilst away in the sandpit!



  4. barry vickers Says:


    I’d like to use 2 of your images of the jodel d117 and d1050 (in scotland) in a future wordpress theme I am considering putting together about the construction of my Jodel D150.

    I am at the beginning of this project – have just received the plans etc – do you have any objections to me using these images.



  5. Hi Jim. Was just wondering if I could use one of your images for a tribute picture for RAF Lossiemouth? Was only going to put on facebook to show respect. Thanks


  6. Jim, The Brit USN Flight Engineer here, nice to see your still around. Regards, Paul

  7. Dear Jim – I am running inspirational days in schools for The Inspiration Federation, and wondered if I could use your fantastic picture; ‘sea-king-har-3-xz590-f-202-sqn-kin-fd-21-8-10-8.jpg’ to use. It’s all about promoting and championing the work of inspirational people both in the armed forces and emergency services. Rather than just use your image, I thought I should check with you first.
    Hope to hear from you soon!
    Best wishes,

  8. Nigel Goodenough Says:

    Morning Jim,
    Just want to say thanks again for all your help yesterday at Lossie. Your advice on camera settings has improved my shots no end. I’ll post some on Fightercontrol when I’m accepted.
    Thanks again,
    Nigel Goodenough.

  9. Dave George (cherry picker man) Says:

    Good to see the Picker was of some use. Keep up the good work.

  10. Great Jim very impressive.

  11. Enjoying atrip down memory lane being former RAF bird control and flight planning at RAF Kinloss.

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